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July 10, 2012
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You went back to your room a little bit before dinner to wash up.  When you got in, you saw your dress lying on your bed.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  You wanted so desperately to try it on, but dinner was in just a little while.  You just sat down across from your bed and stared at it until Sif came and got you.
"[Name], it's time to eat," she said warmly.
"'Kay," you replied.
You stood and followed Sif out of the room.  You went into the dining hall, where you sat in between Jane and Fandral.  He shamelessly flirted with you throughout dinner.  You wished you had Loki to defend you from Fandral's cheesiness.
After you finished eating, you caught up with the servant who usually brought Loki his dinner.  You took the tray from him.  He thanked you over and over again.  Loki scared that guy to no end.  You caught a glimpse of Thor's smirk as you left.
When you got to Loki's room, he happily sat up and spread his arms wide for you.  You casually walked over to him, set the tray down, and gave him a hug.
"Thank you for joining me for meals so often," Loki said quietly.  "I know you must want to spend your time with Jane and Sif and the others."
"You're welcome," you replied.  "True, I do love hanging out with them, but it's really nice to be around you, too."
Loki let go of you, smiling as he looked at your pretty face.  Then, you thought of something.
"Ooo!  Eat up and hold tight, I need to go get something," you said.
You scurried out of the room, Loki's eyes following you out.

~Loki's POV~

I ate quickly.  However, this did not make the time [name] was gone go any quicker.  I watched the fireplace, eyes jumping with the flames as they flickered.  I must have lost myself in a daydream, for [name] was back soon.  She held something silver and shiny in her arms.  I turned to face her.
"Turn around until I say it's okay," she said excitedly.
I turned back to the hearth.  Over the popping and crackle of the fire, I heard the ruffling of cloth.
"Okay, you can look now," [name] beamed.
I turned around, astonished at the sight of her.  [Name] wore a dress of silver.  It fit to her body like a glove, highlighting the soft curve of her breasts and hips.  My lips parted slightly as I stared.  [Name] turned about, showing off every part of the dress.  The dress hung low in the back, showing off her soft skin.  I could scarcely believe that she could be any more beautiful than I had already seen her.
"What do you think?" she asked me shyly.
I stood and walked to her.
"You shine brighter than the most brilliant star," I replied, smiling at her.  "Absolutely breathtaking."
"Thank you," she giggled, turning her face away.
I wished she wouldn't do that.  It confused me: whenever she looked so beautiful, she would hide her pretty face.  I brushed a lock of hair from her face, prompting her to look at me once again.  Those [e/c] eyes bound me to the spot.  They sparkled in the dim light of the fire.  Was this witchcraft?  Or something else?

The way Loki looked at you made you so happy, as well as incredibly shy.  You still weren't used to his gaze.  Though it flattered you, it frightened you as well.  Loki's eyes remained fixed on yours.  It was a long time before either of you said anything.
"I should…probably change back into my clothes…" you said quietly.
"As you wish," Loki replied, turning away again.
You changed back into your old garb and laid the dress flat on Loki's bed.  When you told Loki to turn around, he did.  He still looked at you the same way.  When you looked into his eyes, you saw the most potent mixture of emotions: happiness, intrigue, and a touch of longing.  Your breath hitched in your throat.  You looked away shyly, as did Loki.
"M-May I ask a favor, [name]?" Loki asked.
"Yes," you replied.
"I want to hear you sing.  Would you oblige me?"
An odd request, you thought.  But you decided you would do it.  You thought of one of your favorite songs and began to sing.  Loki was entranced the entire time.  When the song was over, he smiled widely at you.
"Your voice is lovely," he said.
"Thank you," you replied.
You two shared yet another moment of awkward silence.  After a while, you decided it would be a good time to get ready for bed.
"I'm going to…go to bed now," you said quietly.
Loki sighed, not wanting you to leave.
"All right.  Will I see you tomorrow?"
"Of course," you replied.
"Well, good night, [name]."
You gave Loki a gentle kiss on the cheek.
"Good night," you whispered.
Loki stood paralyzed as you walked out the door.  He touched his fingers to his cheek.  His skin tingled.  You had unknowingly strengthened your spell over a known master of magic.
Yet another overly cute chapter. Loki is sweating bullets at this point :iconimhappyplz:
I need to eat something sour now XDD
Next chapter will be a bit of a feel the suspense pressing down on you muahahahah!
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Eheheh, anywaaaay.... Amazing story. XD
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