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July 3, 2012
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You had arrived in Asgard with Jane just a few days ago.  She had given you the lowdown on her whole situation a few months prior.  You were soon to be the maid of honor at her wedding.  To the Norse god of thunder.  In Asgard.  You still didn't believe what you were doing, or where you were.  You had met Thor, Jane's fiancé, upon your arrival.  You congratulated the two of them and met Thor's friends and family.  Well, most of his family.  Everyone decided it would be best that you and Jane not meet his brother just yet.  This piqued your interest, but you left it alone, too excited about helping Jane out with the wedding stuff.
You looked at yourself in the mirror after getting ready that morning.  You wore a lavish outfit.  You were dressed in a comfortable, elegant [f/c] shirt and pants set, very chic in Asgardian fashion.  You let your hair hang loose and had just enough makeup.  You thought you looked damn good.  You smiled at yourself and made your way toward the terrace where everyone usually hung out.  On your way there, you passed by a darkened door, with swirling green symbols.  Thor and Jane walked by you, saying their usual warm hello's.
"What's that room there?" you asked, pointing at the door.
Thor's face got serious.  He squeezed Jane's hand.
"Those are the chambers, or rather, prison, of my brother Loki," Thor replied.
You remembered the name Loki from the news feed from New York.  He had attacked the city with some aliens and tried to take over the world.  Clearly, he was bad news.
"So this is the famous brother?" you asked, laughing a bit.
"Yes.  He has refused to talk to anyone since he returned to Asgard."
"Hm.  From what I heard on the news, he's lucky to be under house arrest."
"Indeed.  My father would not allow him to be placed anywhere else, due to some…mitigating circumstances."
"Really?  What happened?"
"Let us talk of this later.  Or better, hear it from Loki on the off-chance he's ever in a state to meet either of you."
You shrugged in agreement.  You began the rest of the trek to the terrace with Jane and Thor.  You looked back at the door.  You were intrigued by this mysterious fellow.  Supervillains had always interested you.  And you just might get to meet one.
Sooooo, this is chapter one of my new Loki X Reader. From my journal entry, the consensus was option 2, and I'm uploading this as a result of that :iconimdeadplz:
I will also be working on my Bruce and Jareth stories, and I'll start on my Hawkeye one soon. I hope you enjoy this new scenario for Reader. I personally like it better than the last one :iconforevermegustaplz:
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