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July 4, 2012
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You arrived at the black and green door once again.  Thor looked down at you, eyes steely.
"You're sure you want to do this?  You do not have to meet Loki if you do not wish it," he said sternly.
"I'm sure," you replied.
You were beyond nervous at this point.  Thor opened the door and let you in.  He followed.
"Brother, I've brought you a visitor," Thor said, addressing Loki.
You couldn't see anyone until your eyes adjusted to the darkness.
"I told you to stop calling me that," a quiet voice snapped.
Then, you saw him as a ray of sun slipped through the curtains.  Loki was, in a word, breathtaking.  Seriously, you momentarily forgot how to breathe.  His raven-black hair was perfectly slicked back away from his face.  He had pale skin, thin lips and high cheekbones.  He wore a simple dark green shirt and black pants.  His eyes were like ocean water.  Depending on how you looked at them, they could be blue or green.  And they were glaring at you and Thor.
The doors shut automatically behind Thor.  Thor came to your side.
"Loki, this is [name]," he said.  "[Name], this is my brother, Loki."
"I am NOT your brother, Thor," Loki hissed.  "Now leave us alone."
"You know I can't do that."
You looked up at Thor, telling him with your eyes that you'd be okay.  In the end, he met you halfway.  He stood on the other side of the room, ever vigilant, as you went over to talk to Loki.  You decided to start at the simplest possible point.
"Hi," you said.
Loki looked at you, eyes softening a little, but he didn't say hello back.
"So, why did you call me here?" you asked.
"Because you are the only one in this wretched place who has yet to drive me insane," Loki replied, eyes flickering angrily to Thor.
"O…kay.  So…"
You heard the door open.  A messenger whispered something into Thor's ear.  The tall blond man looked at you and began to speak.
"Change of plan, [name], Heimdall will be watching over you during this visit," he said.  Volstagg is posted just outside the door.  If you need anything, just call."
"Okay, thanks," you replied.
Thor gave you a worried look, then went to go be with Jane.  You looked back at Loki.  He seemed a little less tense with Thor gone.  He scoffed.
"Heimdall.  Of course Odin puts his all-seeing eyes to some use in my case," he said.
You sighed heavily.
"Okay, did you just ask me in here so you could dump on me, or is there an actual reason why I should be here?"
Loki's eyes changed again.  They became slightly remorseful.
"I am sorry.  I have not been feeling my best as of late, to say the least."
"I can tell."
"I simply wanted a companion, and I'd hoped that someone new to this realm might oblige me."
"Well, why not Jane?  You haven't met her yet, either."
"She's Thor's betrothed.  And I hate Thor.  Do you really think I'd want to talk to her?"
You blinked in surprise.
"I'm going to need some background here.  I have no idea what went on with you and Thor.  The most I know about you is that you tried to take over my home by means of an alien army, and until you spill the beans there's absolutely no hope of you getting on my good side."
Loki scrunched his eyebrows, annoyed at your tone, but then relaxed.
"How dare you speak to me in that way?!  As if I'd care about your opinion of me!  Damned mortal," he spat.
You scoffed in frustration and stood up.  You turned on your heel and stormed toward the door.
"Where are you going?" Loki asked, sounding frantic.
"Call on me again when you're in a better mood," you replied.
The doors shut behind you after you left.  Inside, Loki buried his face in the palm of his hand, feeling like a fool.  You nodded in thanks to Volstagg and walked hastily toward the throne room.  You did the fist-over-heart, head-bowed thing Sif did as you approached Odin, who sat upright on his throne.
"You wish to speak to me, my child?" he asked.
"Um, yes," you replied.  "If it's not interfering with anything."
"I am at leisure now, you may speak."
"Erm, sir, I just met Loki and…"
"How did you find him?"
"Mixed up.  He's obviously got some problems, but when I asked, he deflected.  I want to know what made him like that."
Odin's eyes, or eye, rather, fell.  His ancient face seemed even more so as his brow became weighed down by sorrow.  He stood up, taking his staff in hand.
"Walk with me, [name]."

"…And that is why Loki is imprisoned here," Odin concluded.
You were flabbergasted, to put it lightly.  Shakespeare couldn't have written a better intra-family drama.  You regretted telling Loki off earlier.
"So, he feels betrayed," you replied.  "Like he was never really loved."
"That is indeed how Loki feels.  But trust me when I tell you that he always was."
"I believe you.  But still, it messed him up pretty bad."
"I know.  I blame myself for keeping the truth from him for so long.  Now, what do you intend to do, Miss [name]?"
"Loki had said he wanted a companion.  Will you go back to him, or remain at a distance?"
Your own answer was obvious to you before he'd even asked.  You bowed to Odin, then ran back toward Loki's room/cell.  Odin smiled as he watched you depart.
Angsty Loki is angsty XD
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sonamyfangirlforever Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2013  Professional
I wouldn't leave even if he beat me and tortured me I wouldn't leave Loki's side godammit!!!
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You know sometimes Loki really makes feel desperated...

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This is like the 20th time reading this story....never gets old. Hug 
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