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Later on, you went out for a tour around Asgard with Jane and Sif, one of Thor's best friends, whom Jane had asked to be a bridesmaid.  It really was a beautiful place.  Everything shone, no matter what the light was like.  The palace was really a sight to behold.  There were gorgeous gardens, beautiful open squares, and so many gorgeous rooms, built for every purpose.  You were the lucky one: your room was high up and you had the perfect view of the Rainbow Bridge and the sea below.  You decided you could definitely hang out here.
The wedding wasn't for another week or so, so you took the opportunity to get to know Thor and the other Asgardians you had met.  So far, your impressions were as such: Sif was intelligent and strong, a good new gal pal.  Thor was great for Jane.  He was chivalrous and kind to her.  You approved.  Thor's parents were…very regal.  You weren't quite sure what to think of them yet, other than to be slightly intimidated.  Same with Heimdall, the gatekeeper.  As for Thor's friends/groomsmen, Volstagg was incredibly pleasant to be around, since you both had a passion for good food.  Hogun was very quiet, but you respected him.  He also helped you out when Fandral, who was a little cheesy, tried to flirt with you.
This destination wedding to end all destination weddings also gave you a lot of bonding time with your best friend, Jane.  You hadn't met Thor when Jane did; you had left New Mexico the week before to go and see your family.  Jane had later explained those events to you.  You were over the moon when she had asked you to be her maid of honor.  You two were hanging out on the terrace when Sif came in, looking very excited and much more girly than you had seen her before.
"What's up, Sif?" Jane asked.
"Milady, as I understand, you have not chosen a wedding gown yet," Sif replied.
You and Jane looked at each other curiously.
"Yeah, that's right," Jane responded.
"Well, I came to tell you two that a dressmaker here in Asgard has delivered some samples for Lady Jane to try on."
You were suddenly overcome with excitement.
"Come on, Jane, let's go!" you cried, holding her hand and bouncing up and down.  "We never got the chance to do this back home!"
"Okay, okay," Jane replied, suddenly the only calm one in the room.
The three of you hurried down the hall toward Jane's room.  When you got there, Thor's mother was waiting for you.  She wanted to be involved, too.  She came across the room and hugged Jane.  Sif put her fist over her heart and bowed her head to her queen.  Unknowledgeable in Asgardian etiquette, you simply curtsied.  You felt like an idiot.
"Jane, the gowns are in the room just beyond," the queen said.
She pointed to a door on one wall.  Jane giggled and smiled.  You and Sif looked at each other in anticipation.  The two of you and the queen took seats in some chairs placed in the room just for this occasion.  The two Asgardian women began asking you about wedding customs on Earth.  You told them as much as you knew.  They also told you about some customs in Asgard.  The two realms weren't so different as far as weddings go.
"[Name], don't freak out, but I think you're going to love this one," Jane said, laughing a bit.
"Let's see it!" you replied.
Jane stepped out, looking like a princess.  She wore a white dress that shimmered gold whenever the light hit it a certain way.  The bodice was simple.  It hugged close to her body.  The neckline was decorated with gold-tinted crystals.  The skirt was extremely elegant.  It was big, but not too poofy.  More of the gold crystals decorated it, and they got closer together as they reached the hem and the train.  The sleeves of the dress were just off Jane's shoulders.  You thought you were going to cry.
"Oh my God, Jane," you started.  "You look absolutely beautiful.  Do you like it?"
"I think it's absolutely gorgeous, but I was hoping for something a little more simple," Jane replied.  "What do you think, Sif?"
"I think you should go with what your heart desires, milady," Sif replied, smile hiding dress envy.
"What she said," you interjected.
Jane smiled and went back in the other room.  She tried on about five more dresses after that one.  But on the sixth…
"Ladies, I think I've found THE dress," she said, voice brimming with happiness.
She stepped out of the room.  You felt like a total ass for allowing it, but your eyes got teary.  Jane wore a dress made out of the same white-gold material as the first one.  The neckline was drapey, with the gold straps on the edges of Jane's shoulders.  It tied at the waist, then cascaded in a curvy line down to the floor.  The train then fanned out behind her.  It was simple, but it was definitely Jane.
"Yes," you said.  "That's the one."
Jane started to get a little teary too.  Not Sif, though.  Warriors didn't weep over dresses.  You walked over and hugged her.  She nodded at you.
"This is it," she told the other women.
"I'm so happy for you, Jane," you said to your friend.
"Thank you so much for being here, [name]."
"I wouldn't miss it for the world."
Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.  Jane giggled and ran back into the other room, just in case it was Thor.  Sif opened the door.  It was indeed Thor.
"Sorry, Thor, but you can't see the dress until the wedding day," you joked.
"As eager as I am for that, it is not why I'm here," Thor replied, smiling.
"Well, what is it?"
Thor's face got serious.
"My brother…asks for your presence."
You were slightly, okay totally, taken aback.
"Um, why?" you asked.
"He would not say.  But it is the first time he's talked since his…trial.  I think it's progress."
"Thor, I do not think this is a good idea," Sif cut in.
"You needn't worry, [name].  I will be there the entire time, should something go wrong."
You thought about it for a little while, then agreed.  You couldn't deny you were interested about this fellow.  Sif's concerned eyes followed you out as you walked behind Thor.
Forgive me...I needed to do something really girly :iconlokifacepalmplz:
Next chapter, LOKI!
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