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June 24, 2012
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After cleaning up from breakfast, you tried to decide what to do with/about Loki.  The two of you sat on opposite ends of the couch.  Loki's eyes were fixed on "Big Bang Theory."  You tried your best to pay attention to the program, but your eyes kept straying to his face.
"I rather like that Sheldon character," Loki mused.
"Who doesn't?" you said, frustrated with yourself.
You rested your chin in your hand.  Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Loki raise his feet, about to set them on the coffee table.
"Ut-tut-tut-tut-tut!" you cried, raising your hand.  "Not on the coffee table."
Loki raised his eyebrows at you, then nodded as he put his feet back on the floor.  You looked over at the clock on the wall.  It was getting to be around noon.  Time was passing so slowly.  You dreaded the coming of night.
"What do you have in terms of food for a midday meal?" Loki suddenly asked.
"You just had almost an entire box of [fave cereal] and three cups of coffee!" you squeaked.  "How in the world can you still be hungry?!"
"I have a big appetite."
You saw a dark glimmer in his eye as he said that.  You swallowed the small lump growing in your throat.  Then, it occurred to you that you hadn't been to the store in a while.  Nothing you had in the house sounded good.  You realized you would have to go out, but you weren't sure you trusted Loki alone in your house after he had gone through your purse.  But then again, how could you take him out while he wore what he wore?  You screamed in your head.
"Problem?" Loki asked.
"We're going to have to go out to get something, I haven't gotten around to going to the store yet," you replied.
"Let us go, then."
Loki stood up and began walking towards the door to the garage.
"Hold up there, mister," you said.
"What?" Loki asked, confused.
"You can't seriously expect me to take you anywhere looking like that, can you?"
"Well, I see no alternative, unless it is appropriate here on Earth to go into public naked."
You tried to stop your brain, but it was too fast for you.  You pictured Loki as he was earlier, with a few modifications: no shirt, as before, but also no pants.  Your cheeks got warm.  Then, you got an idea.
"Come with me," you said.
You turned on your heel to walk towards your room.  Loki got so close that you could feel his warm breath blowing against the back of your head as he followed you.  You began rummaging through your closet, trying to find what you were looking for.
"Interesting," Loki said behind you.  "I never would have guessed you were the type to wear such fanciful undergarments."
You spun around to find Loki holding up a black, lacy bra that had previously been lying on the floor.  Serves you right for not tidying up, you guessed.  Your cheeks got even warmer as you snatched the bra away and stowed it in a drawer.  You pursed your lips together and frowned at him.  He chuckled lowly, smiling to expose his perfectly white teeth.  You turned away and dug through your messy closet until you found what you were looking for: an old pair of men's jeans.  You tossed them to Loki.
"I had a cousin stay here a few years ago.  He left those here, never asked for them back.  They should fit you.  And…"
You pulled one of your oversized (on you, at least) t-shirts and tossed it to Loki as well.  As you began to walk away, he started to strip away his armor.  You sped out of the room and waited on the couch.  You decided that now would be as good a time as any to hit the grocery store.  You saw movement out of your peripheral vision.  Loki actually looked really good in human clothes.  He smiled at you.
"Is this better?" he asked quietly.
"Mm-hm.  Come on," you said.
You picked up your keys and darted past him toward the garage.  You were careful not to touch him; you weren't sure you wanted to see what was in this guy's head.  You opened the garage door and got in the driver's side of your car.  Loki followed suit on the opposite side.  He rested his hands on his knees as he looked out the window.
"Aren't you going to put on your seatbelt?" you asked.
Loki gave you yet another quizzical look.
"What?  No cars in Asgard?"
You groaned as you unbuckled your seatbelt and twisted your body.  You reached over him to grab his seatbelt from the other side.  As you got closer, you got a whiff of his scent.  He smelled nice, like pine and musk.  You liked it, in spite of yourself.
You clicked the buckle of his seatbelt into place and re-buckled your own.  You started up the engine and began driving toward the store.  You could feel Loki's eyes searching you again.  It made you feel slightly violated.  However, you kept your eyes on the road.
Once you parked, you hit the red button that unlocked Loki's seatbelt before your own.  The two of you got out, you locked the car, then proceeded inside.
Loki seemed astounded when you started walking through the store.  Asgard must not have grocery stores either, you thought.  You proceeded to pick out some fruits and vegetables from the produce section.  Then, some chicken and beef for dinners you would make at some point.  After that, milk and eggs.  In the cereal aisle, Loki took the liberty of grabbing the [cereal] for you and put it in the basket.  He seemed to be enjoying himself.
"Having fun, are we?" you asked, smirking.
"It's interesting, this place," Loki replied.
Then, you both reached the coffee aisle.
"There are different kinds?" Loki said, bewildered.
"Yes, there are," you said, unable to ignore the looks that other people were giving you.
You spent a good long while in that particular section.  By the end of the aisle, you had four new kinds of coffee: your usual and three that Loki wanted to try.  You did your best to finish your shopping quickly.  You elected to do self-checkout due to your unwanted shopping buddy.  While you scanned grocery items, Loki looked over your shoulder.  He was almost close enough to touch you, and you had no room left between you and the scanner.  Damn.
Once you finished, you made Loki carry some of the bags back to the car.  You stowed everything in the trunk and drove back home.  You got back into the house and unpacked everything while Loki watched (again!)
"So, when are you going to tell me why you're actually here?" you asked, not looking at him.
"Not yet," he replied.  "But soon."
You could hear in his voice that he was enjoying taunting you.
"I am famished," he continued.  "When will a meal be ready?"
"You're just going to have to wait, your lordship of mischief."
"You still think I'm lying about that."
"Um, yeah."
You felt Loki's hand against your back.
"No!" you cried, but it was too late.

You stood on a bridge colored all colors of the rainbow.  You looked up to see a city made of gleaming golden spires and magnificent castles.  The whole place shone in the fading sunlight.  You turned to see a bronze dome at the end of the bridge.  A tall man dressed in gold stood before it.  It was only before Loki took his hand away when you knew where you were: Asgard.

Feelings of both nostalgia and melancholy welled up in you as you turned and looked up at Loki.
"What did you see?" he asked.
Of course.  He knew about your powers, so it stands to reason that he would know that you can't control what you see.
"I saw…I saw Asgard," you replied, voice shaky.
You finally believed him.  He wasn't just some crazy guy.  He was some crazy not-quite-mythological figure.  He was some crazy god.
I took Loki a bit out of character this time "^^ I just had this image in my mind:

Loki: This drink, I like it :J
Me: Another? :iconhurrplz:
Loki: What?
Me: Nothing :3

Next phase of the plan: more buildup of tension!
Also, I got to thinking about when this takes place. I finally decided it would be during "Thor," while Loki just hates himself rather than everyone else. Pre-Avengers...we'll see how it works out ^^
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bandbabe2009 Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2014  Student Photographer
Twas not too badly out of character, and his appetite is almost as bad as Thors. Hmm, I like how this is going, and he's so INFURIATING!
Yingtheeevee Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2014  Student Digital Artist
OMG ADD TO THE CEREAL EATING PART! "your just like your brother GREAT STARCLAN! UGGGHHH!" ony warrior fans will know what starclan is. LOOK IT UP!
SuperShaymin99 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
The mention of Starclan made me think of how Bluestar died. :c :iconfeelsplz:
Yingtheeevee Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014  Student Digital Artist
inuyasha is like the feline neko thing. so he and I might not get along...
eHolmes97 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Loving it! Love Loki!
ShayminSkyForme492 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
--> :iconthoranotherplz:  :dummy:
NikiMaweird Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Loki is grewing fond of coffee as it seems. :rofl:
I have no idea why I find this so funny, but bwhahahahahaha.
BrittneyCO2013 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2013
I love the little smily. Adorable
NikiMaweird Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ikr? I love it too. :3
BrittneyCO2013 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2013
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