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July 17, 2012
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"No!  That's it, Tony, I quit!  I don't ever want to see you again!" Pepper screamed, gripping her head in her hands.
"Pepper, come on, please…" Tony said, quietly and sadly.
"No!  Forget it!  Goodbye, Tony!"
With that, she stormed out, heels clicking against the sleek black floors of Stark Tower.  Tony ran a hand through his brown-black hair and let out a heavy sigh.  His eyes stung, but he refused to let tears overcome him.  He slammed the last of his scotch and set the glass down bitterly.  The next thing he knew, he was in a handsome black suit with a red shirt and tie and was headed to his Audi.
"Well, Jarvis, time to do what I always do when I'm low," Tony muttered in his usual flat voice.
"Drink too much and sleep with some woman that you'll never see again?" Jarvis replied.
"Bingo.  Don't wait up."

The next day…

The sunlight blinded Tony as he woke up.  His head throbbed and pained him to no end.  He felt a little nauseous, but not enough to actually throw up.
"Jarvis?" he groaned.
"Yes, sir?" his faithful computer butler replied.
"Hangover mode."
"Certainly, sir.  Hot coffee and drawn shades, as usual?"
"And two eggs, sunny-side up."
"Right away, sir."
Tony rubbed his eyes and looked to the other side of his bed once the shades were drawn.  He was confused to see no one there.  This reminded him, painfully, that Pepper had left.  It also shocked him, because even when he was drunk, he could pick up a girl without any problems.
"Jarvis, did I come home with anyone last night?" Tony asked.
"No, sir."
"Hm.  Odd."
"That reminds me, sir, shall I reschedule your meeting with the newest possible candidate for your personal assistant?"
"Ummmm…  No.  Let me beautify and eat, then we'll see who we have to deal with."

You looked at your reflection in the shining wall of the elevator of Stark Tower, fidgeting with your outfit for the millionth time.  You were about to sit down for an interview with Tony Stark to see if he wanted you as his next personal assistant.  You were a little nervous.  Okay, a lot.  You found it interesting that you were applying to be the assistant to the biggest womanizer in the city.  But you needed some kind of work.  The thought about Mr. Stark's flirtatious habits gave you an idea.  You unbuttoned another button on your [f/c] dress shirt.  You figured a little more cleavage couldn't hurt in this interview.  The elevator dinged at the top floor and its doors slowly wedged open.  You walked in as confidently as you could.  There was the man himself, seated at the breakfast table: Tony Stark.
"Sir, the applicant for the assistant's position has arrived," came a voice from what seemed to be everywhere.
Mr. Stark looked up at you and stood up after finishing the last bite of his food.
"Thanks, Jarvis," Mr. Stark said.
You had seen pictures of him before, but Mr. Stark looked even more handsome in person.  His dark brown hair was neatly combed back, his facial hair precisely groomed.  He wore a dark blue Black Sabbath shirt, black jeans, and black casual shoes.  He took long steps as he walked toward you.  There was a blue light shining through his shirt, in the center of his chest.
"Hey," he said neutrally.  "Tony Stark.  Billionaire, genius, playboy, philanthropist, Iron Man.  And you are?"
"[f/n] [l/n], job applicant," you replied.
Mr. Stark pointed at the bar.
"You want a drink?" he asked.
"It's noon."
"We start early around here, doll."
"In that case, I'll have a gin and tonic."
"I like you already."
Soon, your drinks were prepared and Tony motioned to two comfortable-looking leather chairs.  You sat down across from each other.  You took a hearty sip from your glass, then set it on the end table next to your chair.  He looked at your face momentarily, then his eyes strayed down to your chest.
"Hey, would you mind closing that up?  You're going to distract me…you know what?  Never mind, keep 'em like that."
I'm good, you thought to yourself.
"Only if you agree to make eye contact with me occasionally," you retorted slyly.
Mr. Stark laughed.  He had a very nice smile.  Apparently, very few people ever saw it.
"I think I can do that.  So, why do you want to work for me?"
"Well, I'll just be happy to work, period.  The market isn't great right now for non-billionaires and geniuses."
"What about playboys and philanthropists?"
"There are always openings for them.  Since you're all four, you're pretty much set for life."
"Good answer.  Okay, I won't bullshit you anymore.  All I really need to know is the flexibility of your schedule and your ability to put up with inconsistent, egotistical, pedantic gods of awesomeness such as myself."
You smiled.
"My schedule is more wide open than a prostitute's legs, sir.  And believe me, I can take whatever you can throw at me, Mr. Stark."
"…You're hired."
"And call me Tony."
"Easy as that, huh?"
"Easy as a drunk bimbo.  You start tomorrow morning, seven a.m.  I take my coffee black and strong."
"Thank you, si—Tony."
"See you tomorrow, doll."
"And thanks for the drink," you said.
You stood up, slammed the remainder of your drink, and sauntered toward the elevator.  Jarvis waited until you were out of the room to pop in.
"Sir, I hope you have not simply hired Miss [l/n] because you want to sleep with her," he said, sounding slightly worried.
"Well, I'd be lying if I said that wasn't part of the reason," Tony replied.  "But…I like her.  She's got spunk."
Oh, God, why do I keep putting more on my plate?! :iconimdeadplz:
I blame Tony for being so easy to write...
I hope you guys like it! :D
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