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You had known Tony Stark since both of you were kids.  He had pretty much always been the way he was: the lewd, brash, hysterical hot mess known as Tony Stark.  You and he were together a lot.  You were often embarrassed to see pictures of yourself with him in gossip magazines.  But, he was your best friend, and none of that gossip mattered.

That night, you were at a black-tie event hosted by Elton John.  Tony had introduced you to the musician before.  He had come to befriend you, and thus he invited you to this little shindig.  Tonight was an odd night for you, though, and you weren't feeling your best.  Your mother was in the hospital after a bad car wreck.  It was her second night in the hospital, and you wanted to be with her, but she insisted that you go out and have a good time.  You had your phone at the ready in your bag.  
You walked through a huge ballroom, looking absolutely stunning.  You wore a floor-length [f/c] satin dress, with a slit almost all the way up your thigh.  You wore black pumps and black jewelry.  Your hair hung in loose waves.  Heads turned as you walked by.  You were looking for Tony, and you had a pretty good idea of where to find him.
Sure enough, Tony was at the bar, nursing a glass of scotch.  You walked up and leaned on the bar next to him.  He looked over at you and did a double-take.
"[Name]?" Tony said, surprised.  "Wow.  You look incredible."
"I could say the same about you, Mr. Stark," you replied teasingly.
Tony did look damn good in a suit, though.
"You didn't tell me you were coming to this," Tony said.
"Well, up until a few hours ago, I wasn't," you said grimly.
You turned to face the bartender and ordered a dirty martini.  You gratefully took the drink and took a big sip.
"You seem off, angel, what's going on?" Tony asked.
He had a habit of calling you 'angel.'  Where the moniker came from, you didn't really know, or care.  You sighed and took another gulp from your drink.
"My, um, my mother got into a really bad car wreck," you said.  "She's in the hospital."
"God…is she okay?"
"She's stable.  I wanted to stay with her overnight, but she knew I had been invited to this.  She wanted me to come here and have a good time."
"You going to be all right?"
"I think so."
You and Tony simultaneously finished your drinks.  He ordered another, while you opted to wait a while.  Tony attempted to get your mind off of things by making random conversation.
"Hey, do you want to dance?" he asked after a little while.
"I don't know…"
"Come on, angel.  One dance."
Tony held his hand out to you.  His eyes pleaded for you to say yes.  Smiling, you placed your hand in his and meandered out onto the dance floor.  You looked over to the side to see that Elton had taken over the piano.  He started playing "Tiny Dancer," one of your favorite songs.
"Nice timing on that one," you commented.
You placed your hand on Tony's shoulder, and he put his on the small of your back.  You started to sway back and forth, in time with the music.
"You really do look beautiful tonight," Tony said into your ear.
"Thanks, Tony," you replied.
You rested your head on Tony's shoulder, your forehead against his neck, just as Elton started playing and singing the chorus.  You smiled.  There were few moments in life as perfect as this one, and you wanted to savor every moment of it.
Unfortunately, you couldn't.  You felt the vibration of your phone go up the straps of your bag on your arm.  You reluctantly broke away from Tony and took your phone out of your bag.
"It's the hospital," you said, looking into Tony's deep brown eyes.  "I'll be right back."
You speed-walked out onto the terrace right as the second chorus came around.  Tony's eyes followed you forlornly.  For the first time in a long time, he was enjoying himself.  He enjoyed dancing with you.  While Tony ordered another scotch and a martini from the bar, you listened, horrified, to what your mother's doctor had to tell you.

Tony found you out on the terrace about twenty minutes later.  He carried the drinks he ordered as he approached you.  You leaned forward on the balcony, shoulders shaking.  You were in tears over the news you had just received.  You jumped as you felt a warm hand on your back.  You looked up and to the side to see Tony, eyes full of concern.  They widened even more when he saw your moist, bloodshot eyes.
"What happened, [name]?" he asked quietly.
"My mother fell into a coma," you sobbed.  "Apparently, the injury to her brain was a lot worse than they thought.  They aren't sure if she'll wake up."
"[Name], I'm so sorry."
Tony wrapped his arm around your shoulder.
"Is that martini for me?" you choked out.
Tony nodded and handed you the glass.  You chugged the whole thing.
"Is there anything I can do?" Tony asked, stroking your hair.  "Do you want me to take you to the hospital?"
"No," you spat out.
You were suddenly too afraid to go back to that place.  You saw Tony's confused look.
"I'm scared, okay?" you cried.
"Believe me, I know.  But if you need anything, let me know."
Many people in Tony's life were jealous of you.  Pepper had been (before she left), Rhodie was, along with numerous other one night stands of Tony's.  You were the one person Tony really opened up to.  It wasn't often, but he had always felt comfortable enough around you to let down his guard once in a while.  This was one of those times.  But this time, it was when you were in need of a friend.
"Do you want to go back inside?" Tony asked.
You wiped away a tear and nodded.  Tony took your arm in his and led you back into the ballroom.  He led you to a table full of appetizer platters.  Tony picked you up a plateful of fruit and cheese.  He knew you would want to eat.  You both sat down at a vacant table.
"So…what are you going to do?" Tony asked.
"I don't know," you replied flatly, refusing to start crying again.  "I'll go to the hospital tomorrow and meet with Mom's doctor.  Discuss our options, stuff like that."
"Okay.  If you need moral support--."
"I know, you'll be there."
The night went on uneventfully.  Finally, around midnight, the time became right.
"Well, I'm headed out of here," Tony said, standing up.  "Want a ride home?"
"Actually, Tony…" you said.  "Can I crash at your place tonight?  I don't want to be home alone right now."
You had stayed at Tony's place many times before.  You knew the ins and outs of Stark Tower like the back of your hand.  When you got up to Tony's house, you sat quietly on the couch.  You had thought about the night's events the entire ride to the tower.  It was only when you got to the couch that you could let loose again.  A single tear escaped your eye.  You decided you must have cried yourself dry.  Tony emerged from his room a short while later, having removed his shoes, jacket, and tie.
"Drink?" he asked, pointing to the bar.
"Red wine," you said.
As Tony poured the both of you a glass of wine, you removed your heels.  He soon sat down and handed you your glass.  You took a sip and looked over at him.
"Tony, I'm really scared right now," you said quietly.
"I know."
An idea suddenly came to you.  It was idea that you knew you would regret, and you were sure it made you a horrible person, but you were running on pure impulse at that point.  You set your glass down and looked at your friend.
"Tony…" you said lowly.
"I could use a little comfort right now…Tony Stark-style."
"What do you mean?"
"Think about it.  You're, well, Tony Stark.  I'm vulnerable and I've had a few drinks.  Do you see where I'm going?"
"Does that make me despicable?"
"No, [name], it doesn't.  It's how you want to cope right now."
"If you don't want to, forget I asked."  You chuckled.
"That's not it at all.  It's just…you're my best friend.  I don't want to screw things up."
"You've had plenty of one-nighters before, Tony.  Why would this be any different?"
"Because, unlike most of the girls I've slept with, I actually care about you."
You looked into Tony's chocolate eyes.  They were still full of concern, but they also betrayed something else: more than a smidgeon of lust and longing.
"[Name], I…" Tony whispered, moving closer to you.
Tony's lips pressed gently against your cheek.  After a moment of lingering, they descended down to your jaw.  Then, down to the spot underneath your ear.  Meanwhile, his hand stroked your exposed thigh.  After that, his lips made their home on your neck, gingerly caressing the soft skin.
"I'd be lying if I said I hadn't thought about this before," Tony whispered.
"Me too.  Just…keep kissing me."
Tony did as you asked and brought his lips to your neck again.  You stroked his soft, black-brown hair and closed your eyes.  Tony left your neck and brought his lips to meet yours.  His facial hair tickled a little bit.  His tongue lightly brushed against your lips and his arms wrapped around your waist.  As you wrapped your arms around his neck, he adjusted his grip on you and stood up.  He carried you into his bedroom, planting gentle kisses on random places on your face.  When you both were inside, he set you down and put his hands on your shoulders.
"You're sure about this?" Tony asked.
You nodded.  Tony dimmed the lights in the room to a soft, marigold yellow.  When he came back, his lips met yours once again.  He wrapped his arms around your waist as you started unbuttoning his shirt.  When you slid the shirt off of him, you looked down.  You were entranced by the blue glow of the arc reactor in Tony's chest.  You pressed your fingertips to the cool metal before kissing Tony again.
Tony twirled you around and held you close, your back against his chest.  He brushed your hair out of the way and kissed across your shoulders.  One warm hand snaked to your back and started pulling down on the zipper of your dress.  He slowly pulled down on one of the straps, then let it hang loose on your arm.  You pushed the other strap off yourself, letting your dress slowly fall into a pool around your feet.  You were left in your strapless bra and underwear.  You turned around and brushed your lips with Tony's.  You began to undo the button and zipper of his pants.  Soon, he was left in his boxers.  
Tony picked you up again and laid you delicately on the bed.  He crawled on all fours on top of you.  You ran your hands up and down his sides as he kissed you, his tongue battling with yours.  You bent your legs, holding each knee on either side of Tony.  You felt his hips lower and rest upon yours, the hard bulge in his boxers throbbing.  He started to rub against you.  Your kisses got more heated when he removed your bra.  Soon, his hips raised again and he hooked his fingers into your panties.  As he slid them off, he kissed down your neck and chest.  Then, he chucked your panties onto the floor.  He sat up and cupped your breasts in each hand.  He started slowly massaging, making your nipples harden.  You reached over and took the fabric of Tony's underwear in your hands.  You slid them off of him, revealing his big, hard cock.  He watched you remove his underwear the rest of the way, but closed his eyes when you wrapped your hand around his member.  You started to stroke him deliberately.  He leaned over you again and shoved a finger inside you.  You rubbed each other slowly, savoring each motion.  Suddenly, Tony grabbed your hand and pulled it away as he withdrew his finger from you.  He crawled down the bed and pushed your legs further apart.  You gasped as his tongue brushed against your hot womanhood.  Each lick made you more eager for him to be inside you.  Before coming back up to face you, he planted a kiss on the inside of your thigh.
Tony held himself above you and positioned himself at your entrance.  You nodded for him to continue.  He slowly, gently pushed himself into you.  You both moaned at the feeling of each other.  Tony lowered his torso against yours.  Then, he started to move.  He moved slowly, but he hit your spot hard each time.
"Tony…" you moaned.
"Hm?" he moaned back.
Tony did as you commanded and rammed himself into you.  Your back arched and your toes curled.  You gasped in intense pleasure.  Tony's lips smashed into yours, tongue forcing its way into your mouth.  You spread your hands wide across Tony's back.  Tony thrust into you harder with each motion.
"Tony, I'm so close," you gasped.
"Say my name again," he said.
"God, [name]…"
Tony grabbed your ass, trying to delve even deeper into you.  Your fingertips dug into his back.
"Ahhhh~" you mewled.
"Mmmm," Tony replied.
Tony thrust into you as deep as he could one last time.  You screamed in delight as the tension in your body released.  Tony plunged into you several more times before he came.  Your chest heaved while Tony stared into your eyes.
"Are you okay?" he asked.
"Mm-hm," you said, nodding.
Tony pulled out of you and laid down on his back next to you.
"That was fantastic," Tony said quietly.
He rolled over and kissed you again.
"Jarvis, lights," he said, pulling the covers over the both of you.
"Good night, sir," Jarvis replied as the lights shut off.
Tony rolled over onto his side and spooned up against you.
"Sleep tight," he whispered, kissing your shoulder.
"Good night, Tony."
Part 2 of my 100 Watcher Lemon Special!
Depressing first part is depressing, though. Fair warning.
Enjoy the Iron Smex ;)
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"Jarvis, lights," he said, pulling the covers over the both of you.
"Good night, sir," Jarvis replied as the lights shut off.
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You know, when you put it that way, "iron smex", sounds very painful and could possibly kill you
But I know what you mean. It's just what you said made me think
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